Therapy that really works ....

"If you are looking to work with an exceptionally skilled therapist who works with heartfelt acceptance I recommended him absolutely!"

Finding things tough, confusing - overwhelming even? Need some help sorting things out, getting clarity, seeing the way forward? I think I may be able help.

What We Do Together

The core, the prize, the essence of being, is learning to like who you are - in being able to confirm your own value and right to exist. All egos and strategic selves are attempts to get validation from the world, to fill the hole left by our disappointments and hurts.

We humans have an almost infinite capacity to astound and confound each other.There is no highway into our souls with marked out lanes and illuminated signposts. Each journey that we take into the mystery of another person is an adventure into uncharted territory.

To be seen and deeply understood by another human being is one of our great existential needs. We hide so much and put up so many protective walls because we don't feel understood and accepted - just as we are. The therapist, therefore, is faced with someone who's principal need, in this new therapeutic relationship, is to feel, deep in his or her heart, that the therapist understands, or at the very least is making their best effort to understand.

And this is what I try to do.

About Me

I trained as a Gestalt Therapist in England and have been practising as a therapist and counsellor for more than 15 years. I have found that we encounter the most distress and confusion in our relationships with others. If I have a specialisation I would say that it is relationship counselling though that is only a part of what I do.

In the last fifteen years I have worked with individuals, with couples, facilitated innovative therapy groups and trained therapists in the practice of truly transformational therapies. Over the years I have watched the process distilling down to its essentials and have begun to share with people a more simple understanding of the human condition and direct ways that we can combat our ignorance and confusion. And I have found that this works! 

Certificate in Gestalt Psychotherapy - Derby University, UK
Advanced Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy UK
Accredited IICT Trainer


What My Clients say

"I love working with Robert. In a surprisingly short amount of time he assisted me in discovering a deeper, truer self that can surrender to love. For this I am truly grateful" JC - journey therapist and counsellor.

"Robert goes beyond his training and adds an element unique to the counselling process. He has a 'no bullshit' way of opening up and exposing thoughts and feelings in a very safe and supportive environment" N - therapist and psychologist.

"I started to work with Robert because I needed a sounding board and some perspective. A friend recommended him to me as “the best therapist I’ve ever seen” and I contacted him immediately. I was not disappointed, his expertise in his field was only surpassed by the depth of his insight and the gentle humour he brings to his craft. Working with him, I was moved by the level of his presence and empathy during our sessions. And he stood apart in the emphasis he placed on self-empowerment and the trust he put in me in the process. My level of awareness, empathy and context for what I was experiencing went through the roof. If you are looking to work with an exceptionally skilled therapist who works with heartfelt acceptance I recommended his absolutely!" AM - Corporate and Personal Coach and Mentor



I also help in running The Relationship School - designed for fast and deep solutions to all our relationship challenges - for singles and couples. It's great to be in a group of people with the intention and dedication to get to the bottom of relationship's mysteries .





Getting in Touch

Come and meet up in either Frankston South, Fairfield or Carlton.

Therapy is $110 per hour. If that fee is beyond you in your current circumstances then call me and perhaps we can work something out.

Get in touch with me for an appointment by either emailing me at or calling on 0421525042.


If you need a therapist in the Brighton area or someone who is both fluent in German and French then get in touch with my colleague and friend Nicole: